Wild Mushroom & Kale Lasagna Rolls

My protest sign would say “Lasagna Rolls Trump Everything!”

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Spicy Zoodle Bowls

Zoodles. Zucchini disguised as noodles…

Hmmm, I never really knew how I felt about these. On the one hand it’s basically a zero calorie – full of nutrients – spaghetti option.On the other hand, let’s be honest, it’s not spaghetti!

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Roasted Garlic Eggplant

Holy Sabich, I think I just created one of my favorite recipes ever! Do I say that every time? I’m so excited about this one! This is definitely my new favorite way to make eggplant so take notes, we’re never gonna eat it any other way again.

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Spicy & Green Fettucine Alfredo

Holy Love Handles. I just discovered pure vegan foodie gold and it’s in the form of a spicy cashew cream sauce. I actually discovered/made this last week but I have poured/dunked/drizzled/splashed this all over every meal ever since. Wow! There is no stopping me. I think it’s healthy. I really do. But it doesn’t taste like it. That’s a good thing right?

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Crispy Lavash Breakfast Pizza

I really really wanted to call this my “9 Finger Breakfast Pizza” but my thumb will eventually heal and I will definitely make this again using all 10 fingers!
So, last night was one of those late nights where I had Zumba until 9 and Joony was in class until 10 and we were both starving when we got home so I just whipped this together. (Then whipped together another one because he liked it so much) I swear, I make the BEST things when I’m hungry. Also, I was watching CHOPPED while making it and totally beat the clock! But, I forgot one of my basket ingredients, black olives, because like I said before I was HANGRY!

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My Leftovers Pasta Primavera


I contemplated calling this the “you better cook everything you have left in the fridge because you’re going out of town for 2 days and you don’t want it to go to waste pasta” but that was too long so I just called it “my leftovers pasta primavera”

We’re going to San Diego tomorrow for one night and since I always buy and eat the freshest fruits and vegetables I couldn’t let all this good stuff go to waste. So I just kept chopping and sautéing everything in the fridge, combined it with some left over plain cooked pasta, topped it with cheese and popped it in the oven.

Sorry it’s not any fancier than that. You’ll definitely notice some ingredients from other blogs this week. So, that’s always fun.

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