Vegan Pad Thai

Thailand Vegan Pro-Tip: If you order a Pad Thai and say “No Fish, No Shrimp, No Chicken, No Pork, No Meat, No Egg”, they give you a SHIT TON of vegetables instead…

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Fall Roasted Vegetable Lavash Flatbread

When life gives you fall roasted veggies, make PIZZA!

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Spicy Zoodle Bowls

Zoodles. Zucchini disguised as noodles…

Hmmm, I never really knew how I felt about these. On the one hand it’s basically a zero calorie – full of nutrients – spaghetti option.On the other hand, let’s be honest, it’s not spaghetti!

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Veggie Peanut Noodles

I am kind of obsessed with Vietnamese Tofu Spring Rolls. Something about the combination of crunchy veggies, soft rice paper, and that oh-so-delicious peanut sauce makes them so crave-worthy. So, I basically used those same components in this dish making this one of my new favorite foods!

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Tricky Roasted Veggie Pasta

I skipped the gym today because I ran out of olive oil!Β 

I know that sounds weird but it’s true. I did walk to the store to buy some so that’s gotta count for something, right? The only problem is the store that’s walking distance from my house is a super duper fancy health food store so the bottle of Extra Virgin olive oil I bought was organic, imported, and 26 dollars! Yikes.

And that’s where my inspiration came from. As I was I was walking home feeling oh-so-guilty about skipping the gym, buying a tub of vegan cookie dough (did I forget to mention that before, oops), and my 26 dollar olive oil; it hit me! I’ll just use less oil than I normally would which will bring my cost AND my calorie count down!! Woohoo! I’m such a problem solver…
This recipe is packed with tricks that will help you make a healthy dish for those guilt ridden nights when you just need to have your pasta & vegan chocolate chip cookie too. The tricks are in the instructions, so take note and use them later on in all your cooking endeavors. Let’s go!

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Crispy Chickn Spring Rolls


My hubbies favorite food is Chicken fingers. Especially with a side of honey mustard. Particularly on vacation or on Birthdays.
How happy do you think I was to find out that the Trader Joes Crispy Chicken-less strips & the Gardein Crispy Chickn Strips are just as delicious as the real thing?! And so so much kinder.
So while the creative juices were flowing the other night I decided to make my favorite dish (veggie spring rolls) and his favorite dish in one Super Power Awesome and Delicious Favorite Dish! Let’s go!

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The Kitchen Sink Sandwich

This morning I created a MONSTER. And it only took me 8 minutes.Β Still working on a more appropriate title but I mean come on!!! Look at this baby!! It’s got EVERYTHING in it and I even forgot a few ingredients. Office lunches never have to be boring or bland.
So officially, this sandwich is my favorite edition of “The Office Lunch Chronicles”. I cant wait to tell you what’s in it. . .

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