Spicy Zoodle Bowls

Zoodles. Zucchini disguised as noodles…

Hmmm, I never really knew how I felt about these. On the one hand it’s basically a zero calorie – full of nutrients – spaghetti option.On the other hand, let’s be honest, it’s not spaghetti!

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Courgette Carpaccio

One of my favorite healthy, easy, fancy, raw vegan, salad, side dish, summer recipes is THIS! The Courgette Carpaccio! Why would anyone eat raw meat when they can eat raw nutritious courgette (that’s what the fancy Australians call Zucchini) This takes like 2 minutes to make and will impress all your guests! It will also make you feel good about yourselfΒ when you are trying to be a little healthier so you can fit into your white wedding dress in 6 weeks and all you can really think about is binge eating french fries… but I digress.
Let’s make this!

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Baked Zucchini Fries

Ok finally a french fry recipe on greenjuiceandFRENCHFRIES.com! And it’s baked not fried. And it’s a zucchini not a potato and it’s VEGAN so… I’m eating these everyday! Ok so it’s not really a french fry but it’s his own thing and it’s fabulous!! Don’t wait another minute to make these!

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Pumpkin Pumpkin Zuchini Linguine


Is it Thanksgiving yet?! I’m so hungry and if I read one more mashed potato recipe I’m gonna rob a KFC. It feels like I’ve been waiting for this day all year and finally it’s 2 days away. So, I decided I need to “practice” a few dishes before I can decide what will actually make it to the festive table this year.

I’ve had this pumpkin butter since before Halloween. I’ve used it here and there, spread it on toast a few times, but that’s about it. This is another one of those beautiful gifts the Trader Joes GODs have blessed us with. It doesn’t actually have any butter in it, Zero fat, No cholesterol, and only 40 calories per tablespoon. I know, right?! Take my money, I’m sold! It’s a delicious jam like ingredient and I’m sure the uses are endless in baking and sweets but I wanted to make it savory tonight. So my thought was pumpkin ravioli but low carb… and the best part is that’s it’s also vegan and dairy free. Hope you like it!

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