Quinoa Crusted Tofu

Finding a creative way to eat tofu is tough these days. Genius vegans have basically done it all. Fried, baked, blended, sautéed, scrambled, and even smoked. But Quinoa Crusted? I think that might be a first. And it’s so fabulous! Serve this to your Tofu Non Believers and tell them Greens & Fries told you so!

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Cheesy Buffalo Quinoa Bites

I was dancing my butt off at Zumba last night and of course my mind was on the moves but also on what I was going to make for dinner. So during a really spicy Latin jam, I was inspired to make these delicious little buffalo quinoa bites. Okay okay, I wish I could say that it was just the rhythm of the music that moved me to make these but I also bought these cute mini muffin tins like months ago and haven’t used them once so I really needed to make something mini muffin tin sized.
So let’s get right to it because these were easy and delicious and vegan, per usual. If you’re not vegan you can easily use this same recipe and sub the vegan ingredients for the regular ones.

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Broccoli & Cheddar Quinoa Cakes

All the credit for this one goes to Pinterest! I just love finding recipes with minimal ingredients and then realizing that all the ingredients are aready in my fridge. The design credit goes to me, because I had a big cup of coffee at 4:30 and…  I bought way too much cilantro.

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