Fancy Asparagus Tart

fancy asparagus tart

Sometimes, for no reason other than I bought too much asparagus, I am inspired to make something super fancy for dinner. Then, after I make this super fancy dinner, I realize 2 things… 1. Fancy is easy and 2. Dinner can be great for breakfast too. Last night was one of these times. This VEGAN asparagus tart took 45 mins to make (35 of those minutes were spent watching the oven and the clock) and used only 1 pot + 1 baking sheet, and made me feel really proud of myself so… win, win, win! Let’s get started because I’m getting hungry!

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Roseberry Shortcakes & Banilla Sauce

Catchy name, right? I’ve been playing around with vegan desserts a lot lately and it’s been so fun to see what I can create without using ANY dairy or eggs. I don’t know about you but when I think dessert, I think butter, cream, eggs, and flour. Since there is not much you can do with just flour, it takes a whole lotta creativity to make a delicious dessert. I love the challenge and have so much fun trying new things. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry is VEGAN.
This recipe test took a few tries but mostly because I just couldn’t get the measurements right. I always thought when it comes to dessert more is never enough but I quickly learned with vegan desserts less is definitely more. So, when trying this recipe just add a little bit at a time, when there is no butter/eggs/dairy to cloud your taste buds every little flavor just bursts right out of your dish! And that’s a good thing, trust me.

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