Herbs & Greens Hummus


To understand the madness behind this hummus you have to understand the ups and downs of my week. Bare with me, it’s story time.

My favorite persian dish is Koo Koo Sabzi, particularly my moms Koo Koo Sabzi. It’s basically an herb frittata with walnuts and currants and usually served with a yogurt sauce. So after weeks of planning, I was finally going to veganize this delicious dish. Instead of eggs I was going to use chickpea flour, just as I have in my vegan omelettes before. It was going to be perfect and I was officially going to be vegan because if I could make vegan Koo Koo Sabzi I could make vegan anything! Well it didn’t quite work out that way. It was basically a complete disaster…

So in honor of the fallen vegan Koo Koo Sabzi, I made this green herby hummus with a bunch of my leftover Koo Koo Sabzi ingredients + anything else that was green in my fridge, because hummus never fails and I was in desperate need of a win. Which is exactly what this was. A big win!

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