The Kitchen Sink Sandwich

This morning I created a MONSTER. And it only took me 8 minutes. Still working on a more appropriate title but I mean come on!!! Look at this baby!! It’s got EVERYTHING in it and I even forgot a few ingredients. Office lunches never have to be boring or bland.
So officially, this sandwich is my favorite edition of “The Office Lunch Chronicles”. I cant wait to tell you what’s in it. . .

Let’s Go!
12 Grain Toast
Hot & Sweet Mustard on both sides
Original Creamy Chao Vegan Cheese
The Perfect Avocado
Fuji Apple Slices (with skin)
Sweet Lettuce
Matchstick Carrots
Purple Cabbage
Salt & Pepper
I promise you, every single ingredient is equally important. But okay, maybe the Perfect Avocado is the most important because… Avocado.
 Originally Posted on: May 5, 2015

2 responses to “The Kitchen Sink Sandwich”

  1. Becky Ellis Avatar

    You are right about the avocado! Such an important sandwich ingredient that is often overlooked.

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