Crispy Peanut Butter Chocolate Turtles

You couldn’t step outside your front door in December without someone gifting you a delicious box of chocolates. AmIright?

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Chococado Mousse


That’s it! Avocado is EVERYTHING! I had 3 avocados that were fully ripe and I knew that I could only eat 1 avocado toast today and I couldn’t sleep knowing that at least 2 avocados were just rotting away downstairs and would eventually have to be thrown away… Literally. Couldn’t. Sleep. Then I remembered that we needed a good dessert for our family brunch at the in-laws and BOOM, Chococado Mousse!! It’s the PERFECT non-dairy dessert for any group of people. 5 ingredients. Oil free. No BAKING. 1 food processor to wash and voila! Oh and the best part is that no one will ever know there’s avocado in their dessert. Woohoo! Let’s go!

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Beany Brownies

I have been in a Choco-Coma since around 5pm yesterday because I just cant stop, wont stop, eating these Beany Brownies. They’re just TOO good. I’m sorry. But I’m not really sorry.
A few weeks ago I made brownies from scratch. The whole 9 yards. I called them my “Double boilers, melting fine chocolate, 2 sticks of butter, blend the batter, add the eggs, wash your hands you don’t want salmonella, flour all over the kitchen floor, don’t beat the batter too much it will get hard, sh*t I burned the chocolate, ouch my arm hurts Brownies!” And after all that, they were pretty sucky. I swore to myself I would never bake brownies again unless they came from a box. Then I found this secret recipe on my new favorite food blog, aside from Green Juice & French Fries, Minimalist Baker, and I will never, ever make brownies without black beans again, ever.
These babies are a Vegan, Gluten Free, dairy free, guilt free (kinda), one bowl mixin’, chocolate heaven! Did I mention they’re made out of BLACK BEANS?! I know you don’t believe me… I thought we were past the trust issue thing. Okay fine, try em yourself. You’ll see… Then you’ll trust me.

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Everything Granola & Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding

When the cupboards start to get a little too full I like to do what I call “Spring Eating”. That’s when I take everything I can possibly fit into a bowl, mix it up, call it a recipe, and EAT it. That’s exactly what happened with this EVERYTHING Granola. And it was magical. By the way, what the heck did we put stuff in before Mason Jars became popular? I cant remember my life before the Mason Jar, and I dont want to. So a big Thank you to all the Hipsterific folks out there!

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