Noochy Croutons

I’m a true believer in “Everything Happens for a Reason” and these Noochy Croutons are such a testament to that!
My best friend got married on Sunday (and it was the most beautiful wedding ever!!) and while I was busy getting my hair and make up done, hubby was in charge of getting lunch prepared since we only had about 5 minutes to eat before we had to run out of the house. Hubby makes the best take out orders ever! Maybe someday he will share his secret with me because he really picks up the best food. He went to one of our favorite lunch spots, Boudin, and ordered us each a soup and a salad. The soup always comes in this delicious Sourdough Bread Bowl which I never eat because well… it’s like a million extra calories. No need. So when he picked up the take out our soup still came with a side of bread bowl. What’s a bridesmaid to do?! I didnt touch it. (Okay maybe just a little off the top) I threw it in a ziplock bag and tossed it in the fridge.
Last night, we decided we would eat just a salad for dinner because of all the over indulging at the beautiful wedding. But you know, sometimes salads can be a little sad. I dont like a sad salad so… I decided to take that delicious bread bowl and make some homemade rustic CROUTONS! Yay! My salad was ecstatic!!!
Plus, Nutritional yeast on everything so the recipe came very simple.

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