Sunchokes Bravas

I’m sure you’ve heard of Patatas Bravas? Crispy fried potatoes drizzled with a spicy tomato sauce? Well, I bought Sunchokes this week so…

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Vegan Scalloped Potatoes

When your side dish is so nutrient packed, protein rich, and deliciously filling that it becomes your main dish instantaneously!

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Fiesta Baked Potatoes

My new Sunday ritual: Bake an entire bag of potatoes.

My new weekday ritual: Eat ALL the potatoes.

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Mediterranean Baked Potato Bowls

I have a confession to make… I am madly in love with another blogger…

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Baked Avocado Tacos & Mango Salsa

I went a little crazy for Taco Tuesday and I don’t regret a thing!
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Purple Potato Nachos

I finally found the purple potatoes I’ve been wishing for and I was so excited I had no idea what I wanted to do with them!!!

Hmmm… Baked Purple Potato French Fry Nachos Β with homemade nacho cheese sauce? You had me at French Fry!!!

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Oil-free Baked French Fries

I’ve gotten pretty good at revamping leftovers and this recipe was a reflection of this new talent. I had a few baked potatoes in my fridge that I had no idea what I wanted to do with. As I was scoping out my Instagram I saw a beautiful pic of some oil-free French fries. I’ve heard of this magic before but have never really experienced it for myself until this weekend.

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Stacked Sweet Potato & Spicy Ketchup

I am absolutely in love with Saturday’s! I sleep in, clean my house, do some sort of exercise (today was a 4 mile walk/run/mostly walk and try to breathe, and finally the best part I COOK! All week I dream up or read up on delicious recipes and Saturdays are usually the day when I can just cook! Not cook because I’m hungry and need dinner on the table in 10 minutes but just COOK! As in, cook for fun! And oh boy it’s so much fun!

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Stupid Sweet Potato Mash

So here’s the story about that one time I bought those beautiful purple potatoes and had all the plans to make all the delicious colorful treats that only dreams were made of. And as the story goes on, it turns from fairy tale to nightmare within 1.5 seconds as I make my first peel of the skin of those potatoes only toΒ find the most horrific of all horrors awaiting me. That those beautiful purple potatoes are actually just plain white. Stupid. Plain. White. Sweet Potatoes.

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