Vegan Italian Chopped Salad

This is an exact copycat recipe of a $29 salad I had at my favorite italian restaurant/wine bar! Exact!

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Vegan Panzanella 


Let’s face it, after the delicious overindulgence of Thanksgiving it’s really hard to get back into the healthy lifestyle you’ve been working so hard for since last New Year’s Day. It’s especially difficult going back to work and staying on point during your precious 1 hour lunch break. 4 day weekends are never long enough but the habits you created somehow seep right into your work week. Martini at 10am anyone?! No? Just me? Cool.

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Vegan Antipasto Salad

You really cant have a pizza night without having a great Italian Antipasto Salad to go alongside. In my mind, anytime I’m eating something really decadent like an entire pizza, the calories dont count if I chase it with a crisp and healthy salad. So, that notion brings me to one of my favorite pre-veg salads. The Antipasto or the Italian Chopped. I’ve veganized it with just 2 simple vegan products that no one should ever have to live without. 1. Field Roast Chao Cheese & 2. Yves Veggie Salami 
Let’s get choppin!

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