Vegan Italian Chopped Salad

This is an exact copycat recipe of a $29 salad I had at my favorite italian restaurant/wine bar! Exact!

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Garbonz-NO Tuna Salad

Oh MY Wow!! Can I just start by saying that I have been exploring vegan foods for the past 2 years and THIS right here is Β in my top 3 MOST DELICIOUS VEGAN FINDS, EVER!
It tastes EXACTLY like a Tuna or Egg Salad which is just amazing because eggs were the #1 things I missed most when I went vegan. It’s SUPER easy to make. I dont even think I can call it cooking because I didnt have to actually cook anything. This dish has only 5 ingredients! And BEST OF ALL, it’s good for you – Β low cal & high protein! Okay, okay here’s how you do it…

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