Listen you guys, life is just not the same without Chia Seeds & Hemp Seeds. A few years ago maybe this was hippie stuff but in today’s world I use these things every day. In my green juices, in baking, on avo toast, to make pesto (yes hemp seeds make an awesome pesto), and just about anywhere else I can squeeze them in. My favorite brand is Nutiva and I’m so excited to share with you about all the wonderful products they make. When I think of the products I cant live without, Nutiva comes to mind immediately.

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Rachel’s Cosmic Cuisine Pizza Bagels

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How yummy can a little mini pizza bagel be? As yummy as Rachel can make them apparently because these were absolutely perfect. I think most of us remember pizza bagels from our childhood. When our moms really loved us (or were just too busy to think about dinner) she would take the bagels we had in the freezer, slap on some marinara, sprinkle tons of cheese and bake them off in the toaster oven. As kids this made us feel like “woohoo pizza for dinner!” I was always convinced my moms pizza bagels were the best until I met Rachel… (sorry mom!)

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Somersaults Snacks

Where have these crunchy little snacks been all my life?! I could munch on these all day! My goodness. I just LOVE finding PERFECT PRODUCTS just like this one. Sure it’s vegan, low carb, high protein, nut free, and on and on but you almost feel guilty eating them because they are so freaking delicious! Instead of crappy chips and bad for you candies, these need to be sold at every vending machine, gas station, & snack aisle in the world.

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Banza Pasta

High protein pasta made from chickpeas.
I have so much to tell you about Banza Pasta! I’ll begin by telling you that this pasta is made out of Chickpeas and that translates to low-carb, protein rich, gluten free, high in fiber, HEALTHY PASTA! You didnt think it was possible right? I know, me either. But it is. And it’s magical. So, it’s gotta taste horrible right? WRONG! It’s the most delicious pasta ever. I mean it. This pasta holds up to any sauce, hot or cold, creamy or light. It’s got a bite like al dente. It has such a depth of flavor and richness. You’d never know you were doing something good for your body. Simply amazing. I can’t rave enough.

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