Rachel’s Cosmic Cuisine Pizza Bagels

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How yummy can a little mini pizza bagel be? As yummy as Rachel can make them apparently because these were absolutely perfect. I think most of us remember pizza bagels from our childhood. When our moms really loved us (or were just too busy to think about dinner) she would take the bagels we had in the freezer, slap on some marinara, sprinkle tons of cheese and bake them off in the toaster oven. As kids this made us feel like “woohoo pizza for dinner!” I was always convinced my moms pizza bagels were the best until I met Rachel… (sorry mom!)

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When going vegan there are ultimately a few childhood favorites that you just think you’ll never get to have again. Pizza Bagels were one of them but NOT ANYMORE.

These little pizza bagels are made by Rachel herself using Follow Your Heart Vegan Cheese (a blend of their cheddar & mozzarella blocks). She makes the crispy chewy dough & that sweet & tangy marinara sauce from scratch! They cook up in the oven in just about 10 minutes and they taste OUT OF THIS WORLD!

I honestly could’ve eaten 20 of them in one sitting so I guess it’s a good thing that only 4 come in a box.

I’ve decided they are a must-have at game night, cocktail parties, appetizers before dinner, after school snacks, weekday breakfast on the go, late night snacking, early morning hangover cures, and just basically anytime of the day! A true kitchen staple.

These are available at the Follow Your Heart Market & Cafe (21825 SHERMAN WAY, CANOGA PARK, CA 91303) and I highly recommend you RUN over there and stock up your freezers before I do.


One response to “Rachel’s Cosmic Cuisine Pizza Bagels”

  1. Amy Katz from Veggies Save The Day Avatar

    I really wish these were gluten-free. They look amazing!


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