Banza Pasta

High protein pasta made from chickpeas.
I have so much to tell you about Banza Pasta! I’ll begin by telling you that this pasta is made out of Chickpeas and that translates to low-carb, protein rich, gluten free, high in fiber, HEALTHY PASTA! You didnt think it was possible right? I know, me either. But it is. And it’s magical. So, it’s gotta taste horrible right? WRONG! It’s the most delicious pasta ever. I mean it. This pasta holds up to any sauce, hot or cold, creamy or light. It’s got a bite like al dente. It has such a depth of flavor and richness. You’d never know you were doing something good for your body. Simply amazing. I can’t rave enough.

I’ve decided to start buying this stuff in the bulk loads and lucky for me, they sell it that way on their website HERE
They call it a Variety Case. $30 bucks for 6 Boxes. How could you possibly go wrong?

I’ve used it in SO many recipes already but here are 2 you’re going to love:

Chickpea Mac & B’Nut Cheese

Hasta La Pasta

Trust me, Order in Bulk! You will be so sad when you run out and I dont want you to be sad.

The only downfalls here is that it’s still hard to find in stores (hopefully we can fix that) and they dont have a spaghetti, fettucine, linguine version YET…

We’re Standing by, Banza!


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