Neat Foods


Easy to make, great tasting, replacement for Meat & Eggs
What a cool company and what an amazing product! I have tried several of their products now and I am just so amazed at the quality and flavor.

Before trying it, I watched a few of their youtube videos and saw them giving tastings of their taco neat to people in a supermarket. I watched as people tasted and were so sure they were eating turkey, beef, and chorizo only to then be told that they were eating a meatless meat. The shock. It was hard to believe. But then I tried it for myself. The texture is DEAD ON! I added a little extra water and seasoning. Water because I felt it needed it (in both the taco meat and the neatballs) and seasoning because I personally like really bold and spicy flavors. I can vouch, this is THE perfect vegetarian product. If I were making these for my family, I’d be extra sneaky about it and see how they reacted to the taste before telling them it was completely MEATFREE!
The neat egg can be used a million different ways basically in place of any egg binder in any recipe AND it’s part of the recipe for each of their other awesome products.
My absolute favorite was the Italian Mix. You can find my recipe for Spaghetti & Neatballs here.
The best part is that they have lots of video tutorials so they make sure you get it right. You can find them here:
You can purchase these in almost any Target store or at

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