Tea Drops

Is there anything more lovely than capping off a busy day with a hot cup of tea?

 Tea Drops are just about the cutest thing to come out of tea time since the days of our childhood princess tea parties.

When I first heard of Tea Drops I thought oh what an adorable new twist on tea but once I actually tried them I completely fell in love. This tea is absolutely beautiful but more importantly it’s super tasty and good quality as well. Tea Drops are these little morsels of organic tea, organic spices, and organic cane sugar that come together for a perfect cup of tea every time. All you need to do is add hot water and get your camera ready because this tea is totally Instagram-worthy!

td 4

Costing anywhere from about $10 – $12 a box these teas are a really special treat for yourself and the sweetest gift for someone you love. I instantly thought of my mom when I heard they can make a custom inscribed wood box of teas and they come with a handwritten note. Eeek, too cute! They even have a monthly subscription that can save you some money and guarantee you’ll never run out of these adorable teas.


td 1

My personal favorite was the Rose Earl Grey. It’s a nice rich cup of earl grey tea with a sweet hint of rose flavor and the perfect amount of sweetness. I’m drinking a cup of this right now and just cant get over how delightful this blend is. This is really not the tea you’re used to steeping from a bag. Each morsel dissolves into your cup giving you a well-balanced cup each time.

Since there isn’t a tea bag involved I would be aware that you will have tiny specks of tea leaves floating in your cup. They sink to the bottom and didn’t bother me one bit because that’s the way my mom used to steep our tea growing up.

td 3

If you want to order some or learn more about the brand and founder check out their website here. The sweet people at Tea Drops are offering my readers a 10% discount if you use the code TEATIMEWITHPARIS so I highly recommend you try these delicious teas for yourself. Let me know how quickly you fall in love too. Okay?

Mom, if you’re reading this, please act surprised when you see your birthday gift this year. (wink, wink)

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