Lately, I’ve been learning so much about plant-based diets and have been determined to sneak in more veggies anywhere I can. That knowledge, and the happenstance of 3 perfectly ripe avocadoes led me to this awesome new snack! I’ll never have to throw an avocado away again just because I’m a day late to the ripeness party and I’ll never have to wonder if I’m getting enough greens because I’ll be shoving Kale into as many dishes as I can. Starting with this delicious and nutritious Kale Guacamole!

Let’s Dip!

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Hugos Knows Chilequiles

Our old apartment in West Hollywood was just up the street from this great little restaurant called Hugos. This place was most well known for being adaptable to ALL dietary restrictions or lack of. They served it all, in every way. From meat to tofu, dairy to daiya, gluten free and gluten full! You could basically take anything on the menu and make it to fit your needs. It was AWESOME. We fell in love in our vegan days and stayed in love on our cheat days. I think Joony and I can both agree our favorite dish was the Chilaquiles. We would order it for breakfast, with no sour cream, substitute the turkey with black beans. They would mix in the scrambled egg and voila it was Sunday brunch. Every. Weekend.

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Dont be Chilly, Eat some Chili!

Hello California! I finally made it to work without breaking a sweat getting into my car. Did you feel that chill? Below 75 degrees and I’m wearing a scarf, craving a pumpkin spiced latte, and humming Hanukkah carols.
So now that itsΒ “cold”Β outside. Let’s warm up with some Vegan Chili!!
I’m going to preface by telling you that this recipe comes from a can but I promise it won’t taste like it when we’re through…

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