What I ate FRIDAY!

I typically work from home on Fridays so I feel double joy since the weekend is near and I get to wrap up my work week in yoga pants and a sports bra, or no bra (no judgement).

It goes without saying that Fridays are definitely my favorite day of the week and it shows through in what I eat. TREAT YO’SELF FRIDAY!

I started my day early and had a cup of coffee (not pictured) with my delicious Califia Almond Milk Hazelnut Creamer (bonus #376 of working from home, your own favorite creamer)

img_5513img_5510img_5515img_5518img_5533[9:30AM]  Breakfast time: Since I was home I decided to whip up a delicious hot breakfast for once. I grilled a whole wheat pita on the stove, topped it with a mix of half an avocado, leftover refried black beans, some chopped red onion, and nutritional yeast. I spread that on the pita, topped it with my delicious BRAVAS sauce (find recipe here) and a sprinkle of fresh flat leaf parsley + crushed red pepper. OH MY WOW you guys. Vegan Breakfast Pizza LEVEL 100!


[11:30 AM] We surprised my wonderful boss for his Workaversary at this really fancy steakhouse and when the waiter told me they can substitute the fish for tofu I got a little too excited. Pictured: Kale Salad + Grilled Tofu. Note to self: Dont’ ever order tofu at a steak house (barf). Still I appreciate the effort and wish more restaurants were doing things like this. I just wish I could show them how to do it right but I digress…




[12:30 PM] Since I could hardly finish my salad and that technically took the place of lunch I was aching for a good snack to get me through the rest of my work day. I sliced open a delicious mango and had some of these hot crunchy dry roasted peanuts on the side. Sweet & Spicy is a pretty divine combo ya know?






[2:00PM] The afternoon was really getting away from me and I needed one more little snack to get me to Dinner. I had some of that leftover AvoBean Mash so I decided to slice up some Zucchini Chips (aka Bikini Chips) and dip dip dip. This was so tasty so I decided I need more of this in my life. Get ready to see it in many WIAW to come!






[6:00PM] Dinner time FINALLY rolled around. I put my laptop away, whipped up this delicious Pasta dish using my favorite Banza Spaghetti noodles and yes you guessed it, more of that deeeeelicious BRAVAS sauce. I swear that stuff goes with everything. I made myself a huge bowl with some chopped fresh tomatoes and more flat leaf parsley (why do they only sell parsley in the BoatLoad size portion?) and watched the ENTIRE 7 episodes of BIG LITTLE LIES on HBO. SO GOOD!!! (the pasta + the show)




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