What I Ate Wednesday! Healthy AF!

Welcome to WIAW!! Version: Healthy AF!

I wanted to start compiling a little diary of What I eat in a day for a few reasons.

  1. I am borderline obsessed with reading and watching these all over the internet and basically completely fascinated with seeing what people eat in a typical day.
  2. I notice that what I am eating on any certain day is so different than the day before and keeping track of these will help me keep track of my habits or lack of and in turn help me understand what makes me feel best, what makes me happiest, what works for me and just the opposites – how I’m eating on days I’m the most miserable, feeling sluggish, and just not at my peak potential in general.
  3. I think it will be super fun to see what patterns I’m creating and just exactly what foods I’m craving most often.
  4. And finally, and most importantly to show YOU that there is a plethora of amazing, delicious, healthy, indulgent, good for you and bad for you foods you can eat on a plant-based diet. Hopefully, encouraging you to try a plant-based diet – for one meal, one day, or one lifetime!

Here is a snapshot of a What I Ate Wednesday on a HEALTHY AF day!


wiaw 1[8:00am] First things first: Coffee + Cinnamon minus my usual soy milk splash. I usually prefer my coffees with a little touch of creamer but on this particular day I was really doing my best to cut some calories anywhere that I could. My morning coffee was the perfect place to start. You know what it wasn’t half bad… Still a warm cup to sit down with and still had that caffeine punch in the face I need so much on a Wednesday Work Day! The sprinkle of cinnamon is always a must and really helps oxidize the body because of it’s high alkaline properties. Plus, I love to taste.

wiaw 2

[10:00am] I usually eat a banana around 10am every morning because that’s when I start to get hungry and think about lunch. It’s a nice quick fast food that I can grab in the morning and take with me to work, no washing, peeling, or chopping necessary. I’m bananas for bananas.





wiaw 3[10:30am] My most recent obsession has been VEGA everything. Especially these ready made Protein+Shakes. They’re perfect for busy days and excellent way for this hungry girl to get in her protein + tons of nutrients without even noticing it. Tastes like a milkshake honestly you guys. I chug one of these around 10:30 and it really pushes me through until lunch.



wiaw 5[12:00pm] LUNCHTIME is my favorite time and usually my biggest meal of the day. I prepped this the night before in my favorite little Bentgo lunch box. It keeps all the elements of my lunch seperate so I feel like I’m eating freshly ordered food instead of a prepacked tupperware of leftovers. I had some delicious lentils that were cooked in a slow-cooker with tons of spices like cumin, turmeric, smoked paprika, chili powder, garlic powder, and bay leaf.  I squeeze in some fresh lemon and ate that with a little tomato&avocado salad and 2 flour tortillas! So satisfying and energizing. Absolutely perfect for a busy work day.



wiaw 4

[2:00pm] I always crave a little snack around 2pm. Not necessarily because I’m hungry but mostly because I like chewing and it’s been about 2 hours since I’ve had the chance to do that. On this day, I sliced up a raw zucchini and threw it in my lunch bag for later. It’s actually a really refreshing snack and totally fills you up. Some might call these Zucchini Chips but I like to call them Bikini Chips because I only eat things like this when the weather warms up and I remember that I might have to be in a bikini soon. AHHH!




wiaw 6

[6:00pm] The longest day of the week is finally over and I’ve made my way home after a nice yoga class and hubby was in charge of dinner. He used up all the tomatoes and cucumbers in the fridge and chopped us these giant salads and honestly it was the most delicious thing I ate all week. Probably because he was the one who took care of all the prep and had it ready for me when I got home. Nothing sweeter than that, let me tell you. Each one of these bowls had 2 tomatoes, 3 cucumbers, 1/2 onion, 1 avocado, and 1/2 lemon juiced. Salt & Pepper to finish it off and of course I had to sprinkle on some Nutritional Yeast because, well do you even need a reason for nooch? I put that sh*t on everything!!!

[Overview] To be completely honest, I was feeling HEALTHY AF by the end of this day but also HUNGRY AF so not the ideal day if you ask me. Let’s see how things go next week.

cron 1

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