What I Ate on a Typical Work Day!

Welcome to What I Ate on a Typical Work Day!!

IMG_5458 [8:30AM] Unlike most food bloggers who start their day with a big glass of water + lemon (yuck) I start mine more realistically with a big cuppa coffee + soy milk (because let’s be honest I’m a lot nicer after I’ve been caffeinated)







[10:30AM] I’ve IMG_5459usually gotten through most of my emails and my morning routine by about 10:30am and I am ready to ingest some real food. Have you guys tried the Kite Hill Almond Milk yogurts yet?!? What in the hell are you waiting for. They are literally perfection! I pack one in my lunch box with a baggie full of granola + walnuts for a quick desk breakfast that makes me feel so fab & fills me up until lunch.




IMG_5461[12:30 PM] It is no secret that lunch is my favorite part of the day. For my typical work days I have been getting extra creative with eating healthy even though I’m surrounded by mostly fast food chain restaurants that are, well not so healthy and definitely not so vegan. My favorite place to go as of lately is Souplantation. It’s a buffet chain restaurant but they let you get a salad bar to go for only $6.99 so I pile on the veggies, vegan noodle salads, beans, seeds, and vinaigrette dressing and enjoy it at my desk. It leaves me full, satisfied, and energized so I’m not aching for a nap after lunch.





[5:00 PM] On this particular day I came home around 5pm and I was actually starrrrrving. Probably because I did a quick grocery shop after work and that always strikes up an appetite for me. I knew I wasn’t having dinner for another few hours so I decided to whip myself up a quick smoothie. I’ve been loving Vega Protein & Greens powder and I normally haaaate the taste of any protein powder but this one is just OMG SO DELISH. I added 1/2 cup almond milk + lots of ice + 1 banana and let me tell you this milkshake would bring ALL the boys to the yard for sure.



[7:35 PM] FINALLY, dinnertime and I have to add MUCH later than usual. I knew hubby would be coming home late this evening so I decided to carve out about an hour or so to put together these deeeelicious summer rolls. If someone makes you spring rolls, you can rest assured they love you… a lot. Man, this was definitely more of a process than my usual chop and throw salads or one pot pastas but so so worth it. We each had 4 and were so full we could barely move. But don’t worry we still made it to our nightly 4 mile walk. You must check out the recipe for these RAINBOW SUMMER ROLLS & SPICY ALMOND SAUCE asap!


Alas, no day is complete without something sweet!


[9:30 PM] You are going to need to run to the store fast and stock up on these Larabar bites! OMG you guys they taste like little thin mint cookie balls and are such a perfect little treat when you want dessert. I love these after dinner with a cup of tea. Pro-Tip: Store them in your fridge for a cool bite any time of day.

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