Fruity Summer Rolls & Sweet Saffron Sauce


Can you believe I made this?!? I know! I can’t believe it either. Why is it so pretty?!? What a perfectly beautiful way to eat fruit!
You wanna know the best part?! No, it’s not the delicious strawberry or the juicy mango or even the crisp green apple… It’s that sauce! Oh dear oh my, that sauce!! Well it might not even be a sauce. Maybe more of a glaze? Disguised as a dip? A glazy dip sauce dressing delight!! A sweet SAFFRON delight!

What are we over here chatting about… Let’s get started!! You’ll need to have this nailed down before your next potluck!

Fuity Summer Rolls

Fruity Summer Rolls:
You don’t have to use exactly what I did but the combo was fantastic. Try to use fruits with different colors, tastes, & textures. The difference is what makes these so special.

Oh and for the love of everything that is holy, don’t forget the STRAWBERRY! That beauty is a MUST!

Ok, we’ll start with a step by step demo of the fruity summer rolls. I still havent figured out the difference between a spring roll and a summer roll but these just felt so summery to me so we’re going with that.

Fruity Summer Rolls & Sweet Saffron Sauce

  • Servings: 6 – 12
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

Fruity Summer Rolls 3


6 Strawberries
1 green apple
1 ripe mango
A few slices of watermelon
A handful of blueberries
Rice Paper
Mint garnish
Warm water

Sweet Saffron Sauce:
1/2 cup non dairy milk (I used coconut milk)
3/4 cup powdered sugar
Teeny sprinkle of saffron

*Recipe makes 6 Summer Rolls / 12 Half Rolls & 1/2 cup of Sauce*


1. slice your fruit.

2. dip your rice paper in water and get it coated. just a few seconds is more than enough to get these soft enough to roll. Fill with your fruit, remembering that the parts that touch the paper will show through so line it up pretty.

3. take the top and the bottom of your roll and flap towards the middle.

4. Now start at the right and flap over covering all the fruit. Then roll over until it’s all sealed like a burrito.

5. Got it? Good! Repeat.

Now let’s get SAUCY!!

1. In a small saucepan heat up 1/2 cup of your favorite non dairy milk. I used coconut milk, the kind in a carton not the kind in the can. Water will work too, dont panic.

2. Add 2/3 cups powder sugar and start whisking immediately to get all the lumps out. This will happen quickly.

3. Lower the heat because this mixture wants to be caramel so bad! Dont let it. Lower the heat and add the tiniest pinch of saffron. You could also just add some vanilla extract & cinnamon and call it a day but the SAFFRON is OH SO GOOD!

4. Mix well and remove from the heat. It will be thin but dont worry it will thicken so much as it cools.

Let’s admire those beautiful specks of saffron for a second… “Wow. Yum. So pretty. So fragrant. Aww!”

And now for a little photo montage of this gorgeous dish. . .
Fruity Summer Rolls 3 Fuity Summer Rolls

Ugh, your friends and family are going to LOVE you so much for this one. Enjoy!

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