2-Ingredient Rawnola

Yum yum yum yum, Vegans can eat tasty sweets for breakfast, lunch, & dinner!


Have you heard of RAWNOLA? Yes, No, probably not, maybe so. I’ve been hearing about it more and more as I research high carb vegans. I mean, Hello Carbohydrates!

It’s basically oats and dates blended together with a few other ingredients of your choice to make a delicious treat that you can eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, or anytime you open the fridge and forgot why you were there…

It’s super easy to make, so much fun to customize, and absolutely delightful to have on hand when you need a little something extra to brighten your day.

Pro Tip: I topped my peanut butter & toast with it on Sunday morning and it was amaaaazing! Try it.





2-Ingredient Rawnola

  • Servings: 2 cups
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print



10 Medjool Dates (pitted)

1 cup rolled oats

Shredded Coconut
Date Syrup
Agave Nectar
Hemp Seeds
Chia Seeds
Cacao Powder
Goji Berries


  1. Add ingredients to a food processor and pulse until it combines into a crumble consistency. This could take up to 5 minutes. If the texture is too powdery, add date syrup, agave nectar, or a little bit of water and pulse again.

That’s all! Store in your refrigerator for up to 2 weeks, if you can resist eating it all in one sitting.

I made mine with some coconut flakes & date syrup but next time I’ll add nuts and cocoa powder or cinnamon and chia seeds. The possibilities are endless!



Enjoy it veganly much!


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