Apple Pecan Cranberry Salad

When your loved one calls you on a Wednesday afternoon and says they’re just going to eat an apple for dinner, you make them an Apple Pecan Cranberry Salad.
When you and the one you love sit down and both enjoy this salad together, you decide to put it on your blog because, yes it was THAT good.

Sweet Lettuce
Purple Cabbage
1 Fiji Apple sliced thin
Handful Shredded/Matchstick Carrots
Handful Raw Pecans
Handful Dried Cranberries
& Chopped fresh parsley
Disclaimer: The aformentioned loved one hated the parsley… But I felt it was necessary and I stand by that decision.
Mr Love Bucket ate this salad WITHOUT any dressing, because it was full of flavor. I used my favorite Asian Seasame Dressing that I always have on deck for lovely light salads like this one. I buy it at Costco. YOU know the one…
Dinners should never be dull! You can eat light when you feel it’s necessary but always keep it fun and beautiful.

Originally posted on: May 11, 2015

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