What I ate to Detox from a Cheat Day!

Welcome to What I ate in a Day! This week’s topic was showing you how I Detox from a Cheat day. It made me feel better about all the junk I ate the day before but to be completely honest, I felt HUNGRY AF.

Ok so we all do it and we all deserve it. There are some days where you just wanna eat chips and fries and burgers and pizza – and that’s just your breakfast. It’s OKAY. It’s great actually. But you know what, the day after it’s time to pay your bill. This was that day. And oh boy did I pay.


[7:00 AM] I started my day with a giant tumbler full of lemon water. I actually refilled this bottle all day but drank the whole thing once first thing in the morning. Needed to get yesterday’s sins moving along and out of the way.








[8:45 AM] After my morning coffee (yes I drink coffee on detox days too, sue me) it was time for a giant cup of green juice. I made this concoction and it was perfect. Mixed spinach, frozen zucchini (cucumber would be good too), frozen banana (for sweetness), and TJ’s Organic Carrot Turmeric juice blend. This juice had lemon, cayenne, and turmeric which are all great for ridding your body of unwanted toxins and are super anti inflammatory.



IMG_5770[10:00 AM] I was getting a little hungry and really wanted to reach for the emergency bag of Fritos at my desk but opted for 8 ripe and deliciously sweet strawberries. Did you know strawberries are good for teeth whitening? Did you know that 8 strawberries contain only 50 calories??? Not enough to satiate anyone but I felt pretty good about it all the same. Plus it gave me a reason to chew which is always great!







[12:30 PM] Lunch time rolled around and I was prepared with a really satisfying, clean salad bowl. It had mixed greens, romaine, tuscan kale, quinoa, matchstick carrots, pumpkin seeds, lemon, and this delicious green sauce I made using salsa, herbs, nuts, and nooch. recipe here if you’re interested. Totally satisfying!




IMG_5773 - Copy


[2:00 PM] Afternoon snack was delightful. These Organic Roasted Teriyaki Seaweed Snacks almost reminded me of those Fritos I’d been avoiding all day. Almost.







IMG_5776 - Copy


[6:30 PM] Dinner time and all I wanted was Tacos. So you know what? I made myself some damn tacos. Healthy AF of course. I used low carb tortillas, hummus, sauteed enoki mushrooms, broccoli & zucchini + some fresh raw tomatoes. This was a great meal. Totally packed with healthy veg & proteins. Something about folding a taco and stuffing it in your face really makes you forget you were trying to be healthy.






That’s what it’s all about and that’s what we have to remember. There are ways to enjoy healthy food so you don’t feel deprived. Although I was pretty hungry all day, I went to bed knowing that I fed my body exactly enough and exactly what it needed. The hunger wasn’t coming from my belly, it was coming from my head. So I told it to shut up and made myself some broccoli tacos. LOL.

What are some ways you trick yourself into eating healthy food?

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