What I ate in a day (Protein Packed + Macros)

Next time someone asks me where I get my protein from, I’m just gonna link to this…

Excited to share with you this protein packed day that was so delicious and easy to eat! I think you’re gonna love it and at the very bottom you can check out my macros and see that I hit everything with flying colors.


IMG_6163Lately I’ve been having chickpeas for breakfast. I know it sounds cray but it’s actually so delicious and satisfying. I’m not and never was much of a sweet tooth but a cup of chickpeas sprinkled with nooch and a squeeze of lime or lemon, come to Mama!!! + a banana because always because it’s the easiest thing for me to grab in the morning so I always do.




IMG_6164Soon after that and my coffee of course, around 11am when my tummy gets to grumbling, I reach for one of these Vega Protein + Shakes. They contain 20 Grams of protein and taste like a chocolate milkshake!! I don’t need to say anymore but I will because they also contain so many of the daily nutrients you need so it’s like a multivitamin too. I mean… come on~! Love you, Vega!





IMG_6165I prepped my lunch the night before and it was delicious. I just cooked up a huge batch of lentils in a crockpot and some brown basmati rice. Packed them together in a container with a lime on the side. I just warmed this through at work and mixed it all together and voila, delicious and filling meal! I was so satisfied after this one, you guys!

Lentils are also a great source of vegan protein, iron, calcium, etc.. so it’s a great addition to your diet. Get some!





IMG_6173After work, I needed a little snack so I mixed up some of my favorite nuts and dried fruits and chomped on these during some much needed relaxing couch time. Nuts are such a great snack because they have lots of protein and keep you full. They’re a little high in fat but blah blah blah who cares they’re yummy!



IMG_6174 (1)Dinner was spectacular!!! I reheated those Tofu Kabob Skewers in the oven and paired it up with some leftover rice, tons of veggies and I even made vegan Tzatziki sauce using Kite Hill Plain Almond yogurt + a tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar + a tsp of dry dill. OH EM GEE. So Delish!! If you haven’t tried the Tofu Kabob recipe from last week, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??






As you can see I hit all my macronutrients and most of my micronutrients for the day. I will note that I take a Vitamin D supplement every single day because I’ve been deficient all my life. I also take a multivitamin just to be sure. With or without those supplements I hit my marks almost every day. Some days I eat 1500 calories and some days I eat 3000. Some days I eat lots of vegetables, other days more fruits, and then there are days like this one. It always balances itself out. I don’t worry too much about tracking or fussing over this but it’s nice to see every once in awhile and be aware of how different foods are treating your needs.


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