Brussels Sprouts & Persimmon Salad

I know what you’re thinking. I’ve been MIA for a month and I finally come back with a salad?! WTF, Paris?! Trust me you guys. This salad is incredible!!!

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I always have huge potluck style thanksgiving dinners with my family. Everyone brings their best most decadent dish to showcase for the family. We indulge big time on this magical holiday. It’s wonderful. However, there is always one small thing missing. A SALAD! Look I know you might think you don’t want a salad on your delicious, stretchy pants holiday of dreams … but you do. First of all, you need some balance. Secondly, the only thing that can make that giant pile of mashed potatoes taste better is a nice palate cleanser to transition you from your creamy Mac n cheese.

Now I’m not saying this salad is just a palate cleanser. It’s pretty immaculate it it’s own right. It definitely not your typical salad or even your typical Brussels sprouts salad. It’s got such depth and such a great balance of flavors. Sweet, sour, salty, and even a little bitter. It’s got crunch and chew. It’s truly got it all.

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Best part? It’s got only 8 ingredients and I bet you already have them all lined up in your kitchen.

Let’s get cooking!

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Brussels Sprouts & Persimmon Salad

  • Servings: 4-6
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

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1 bag of Brussels sprouts
2 hard persimmons
2 baby green apples (or 1 large)
1/2 cup dried cranberries
1/2 cup sliced almonds
1/4 cup fried onions or vegan parmesan cheese
1 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp lemon juice (the juice of 1 small lemon)
Salt & Pepper to taste
A drizzle of maple syrup



1. Start by thinly slicing the Brussels sprouts. And adding to a large bowl.

2. Next cut your persimmons and apples into thin slices or small dices. Set aside.

3. Drizzle olive oil, lemon juice salt, and pepper over your Brussels sprouts and toss using your hands massaging gently to soften the sprouts.

4. Top with persimmons, apples, almonds, and cranberries and toss again.

5. Add fried onions or vegan Parmesan just before serving and enjoy it veganly much!


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