Spiralized Carrot Salad & Herby Tahini Dressing

BBQ Season is here and you need a signature dish to bring to all the parties you’ll be invited to all summer. THIS IS IT!

I am always so thrilled about this time of year because it finally means we can eat all our meals al fresco (outside)! While everyone else has got the burgers, buns, snacks, and generally indulgent foods covered you show up with this. A Bright, Light, Delicious, Herby Salad that can hang out in the sun as long as you can and still taste fab!

The biggest inspiration around this salad came from my dread of having to run out to the supermarket when it’s 90 degrees outside to grab a few last minute herbs and veggies. With this salad, you’re almost guaranteed to always have the right stuff on hand in the fridge so you can make this in the knick of time, preferably while wearing your bikini in the kitchen. You can also take this with you to any BBQ and enjoy it poolside with your friends all day. No wilting, no spoiling, no drying out!

To top it all off IT’S DELICIOUS!! Did I mention that yet?
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IMG_5941With a few of my favorite Dorot packs in the freezer, I know I’m always covered. I mean, don’t get me wrong I wish I had my very own fresh herb garden but since I don’t I need to be pretty crafty when I want to incorporate fresh flavors into my dishes. Who needs all the anxiety that goes into using up all your basil before it goes wilty. Not to mention, the mess of peeling and mincing fresh garlic. With Dorot, I literally never have to worry and that is just priceless.

I’m so happy that I have Dorot locked and loaded at all times. Each cube is the exact equivalent to 1 tbsp fresh herbs or 1 clove fresh garlic. With it’s all natural ingredients and long lasting freshness, you really can never go wrong with Dorot!

I make sure to grab a couple of these every time I’m at Whole Foods. I personally love the Basil, Cilantro, and Garlic. Dorot makes my life so much easier and I’m so happy I can always find them at my favorite grocery stores. Always lined up and ready for me in the frozen section.

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Spiralized Carrot Salad & Herby Tahini Dressing

  • Servings: 4-6
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

6+ large rainbow carrots

1 cup cherry tomatoes

1 cup roasted hazelnuts


3 tbsp plain tahini

1/2 juice of a lemon

3 cubes of Dorot Basil

1 cube of Dorot garlic

Salt & Pepper to taste

*Water to thin out if necessary


  1. In a small bowl mix together all the dressing ingredients. Allow the cubes to thaw while you prepare your other salad ingredients.
  2. Spiralize all your carrots and add to a large bowl or plate
  3. Cut cherry tomatoes in half and top your carrots with these and the roasted hazelnuts.
  4.  Pour dressing over salad and enjoy it veganly much!

Note: You could also add additional toppings such as chickpeas, cucumbers, hemp seeds, black beans, or kale to give you a few ideas. Be creative but use ingredients that will sit well in the sun all day so you can take this salad to your next BBQ or Pool Party!

Make sure to look for Dorot next time you’re at Whole Foods and check out this link for more product info. It’s definitely worth a click through. Trust me.

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