Pink Machine


This juice is so beautiful does it even matter what’s in it???

Well I’ll tell you anyway. That gorgeous pink color comes from my new favorite exotic fruit, Dragon Fruit. But dont worry I didnt have to search all over the place to find this magical fruit. I went to Mother’s Market (you can go to Whole Foods) and bought Pitaya Plus packets in the frozen section. These individual packets are so user friendly. They dont have any added perservatives or sugar or any other junk. Just plain dragon fruit without any of the mess or hard work. I love it!!


1/2 Banana
6 Frozen Pineapple cubes
1 packet of Pitaya Plus dragon fruit
1 Cucumber
1 cup Coconut Water
3 tablespoons Raw Hemp Seeds
1 splash of Coconut Milk

Blend it all up in your Nutribullet or blender.
Pour in a pretty glass
Add a cute straw
And drink in all the beauty.

I promise you this drink will bring you extra happiness!

Originally Posted on: April 13, 2015

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