Za’atar & Orange Roasted Carrots

I really hope you had Za’atar on your Christmas wishlist because all I wanted for Christmas was these Za’atar & Orange Roasted Carrots!

Are we holiday indulged OUT yet? I seriously said “It’s the Holidays” during at least one meal every single day since November 22nd and I am so over it!! Well not really actually because I love bad foods but I do need at least ONE day to just say, “I’m on a diet and it’s going really well and look what I get to eat!”

And this is the recipe for that! I mean it’s still delicious and full of flavor and gorgeous on the plate if I do say so myself but it’s actually super good for you so you’ll finally feel like that fit chick you’re following on Instagram.


The coolest part of this meal is that it only requires a few ingredients and one dish to make so you’re really winning after a weekend of parties & dishes!


If you haven’t tried Za’atar yet I cant stress enough how quickly you need to run over to your international food store and pick up a huge bag of this delicious spice. It’s used so often in Israeli cooking and it’s always been a staple in my families house. We usually just sprinkle it all over a warm toasty piece of pita bread before dipping into a bucket of hummus but today I thought we’d get a little fancier than that. Still, you should definitely try that while you’re wating for these carrots to roast.

The best way I can describe the flavor of Za’atar is by saying it’s like a lemony thyme but that doesn’t even do it justice so TRY IT for yourself ASAP.

You’re going to LOVE the way it all comes together with the syrupy orange and roasty sweet carrots in this dish.



Let’s get cooking!


Za'atar & Orange Roasted Carrots

  • Servings: 4-8
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


10 rainbow carrots
1 tbsp avocado oil*
3 heaping tbsp Za’atar
1 large orange – juice & zest
1 tsp coconut sugar**
Salt & Pepper to taste

*you can sub with olive oil
**you can sub with cane sugar or maple syrup


1. Start by washing and peeling your carrots really well and preheating your oven to 400 degrees F.

2. Place all the carrots in a baking dish and add your oil, za’atar, orange juice and zest, salt & pepper, & sugar right on top.
3. Mix everything so it’s well coated and pop in the oven uncovered for 40 – 50 minutes removing once halfway through to give it a good toss.
Serve as is or with a side of tahini and enjoy it veganly much!

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