Sweet Fig & Fennel Salad

Oh my goodness Fig season is almost over and I completely forgot to post this deeeelicious salad! It’s sweet and crunchy and peppery and light and just delightful! You have to try it.
A few weeks ago I found these perfectly ripe Black Mission Figs at Trader Joe’s. Where is the farm, Joe, where is the farm?! These we just perfect. If I wouldve waited another day they might not have been anymore but on this special day a few weeks ago they were PERFECT. So I went back and forth about what to do with this little gems and I decided, SALAD. I know you’re thinking that’s boring but trust me it was such a good way to highlight the figs without drowning them in other rich ingredients. A crisp, fresh salad was all these little figgies needed. Oh and that fennel was like the perfect match. Dont skip that ingredient. These two were made for eachother!

8 – 10 Black Mission Figs – cut in halves
2 bundles sweet leaf lettuce
4 – 5 persian cucumbers
1 head of fennel
Handfull of pumpkin seeds
Handful of pecans
Salt & Pepper
Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar
1. Drizzle the figs with Olive oil. Sprinkle with Salt, pepper, and a little pinch of sugar.
2. Place the fix in a pan (insides down) let them start sizzling. Flip them over after a minute or two and get the other side nice and sizzly too. These figs will let off a lot of juice. You can use that to dress your salad so dont throw it away.
3. Remove from heat.
4. Chop your salad and throw in a big bowl.
5. Drop your sweet, roasty, melty figs right on top of your greens.
6. Sprinkle over your nuts and seeds.
7. Finally, drizzle with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, & some of that juicy fig juice from the pan.
Enjoy it Veganly Much!

Originally Posted on: September 10, 2015

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