What happens when an Omnivore goes Fruitarian for a week?

My husband, Jacob, is no stranger to challenges. Just to give you an idea of the type of guy he is, when he realized he hated running more than anything in the world he decided it would be a good idea to sign up for the LA marathon. After months of a treacherous training regimen he completed that first marathon (with amazing timing) and decided almost immediately to run another one. So, 2 marathons and 2 half-marathons under his belt in a matter of 2 years and he was off to his next challenge. Applying to get his MBA while working full-time as the COO of a successful “something to do with sound and audio” manufacturing company and boom he got accepted and officially enrolled in the UCLA Anderson School of Business – Executive MBA Program (Top 2 school in the nation. sorry but I actually do HAVE to brag)

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