About Paris

I live for Green Juice and French Fries and knowing that a well-balanced life means having both and having them often.

I am a self-taught cook, caught in a not-so-secret love affair with vegetables. Growing up in a middle-eastern home with a mom who loved to cook and a dad who loved to eat, I somehow fell right in the middle. I met my husband in 2012 and my passion for cooking grew to a whole new level when he introduced me to the world of veganism. I realized for the first time that the only thing holding me back from the kitchen was the fear of handling raw meats. I hated it. That’s when it clicked. I’d never have to touch raw meat if I’d just stop eating it. The rest has been a purely joyful, meat-free extravaganza and the most delicious time of my life.

Inspired by vegan & vegetarian chefs, this blog was born. It’s designed to be a place where you will never get bored of plant-based food! Here you can find easy recipes for delicious treats and healthy eats, all in one place… because who says cooking has to be hard?

I hope to show you the wide range of foods you can make without using animals. Every meal contains only a few steps and a few ingredients.

Join me at this Veggie Party & you’ll be a plant-based home chef in no time!


From Green Juices to French Fries and everything in between, you’re guaranteed to feel nourished & satisfied!

Enjoy it Veganly Much!


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